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Stolen from quietasariot...

First best friend: Monica
First real kiss: Adam
First funeral: My nana's :(
First pets: Eddie, a German shepherd dog, and Mickey, a cockatoo
First big trip: Seattle
First music you remember hearing in your house: Some country crap

L a s t s

Last car ride: To Souplantation for lunch/dinner today
Last good cry: It's been awhile
Last movie seen: Shallow Hal again
Last beverage drank: Water
Last food consumed: A fruit and yogurt parfait
Last crush: -
Last phone call: My cousin David
Last time showered: This morning
Last item bought: Stuff for my pets
Last item i wish i bought: Clothes

R e l a t i o n s h i p s
01. Who are your very best friends? My gramps is my BEST buddy :)
02. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: Nope

F a s h i o n | S t u f f
01. Where is your favorite place to shop? Macy*s
02. Any tattoos or piercings?: Three tattoos - Water in Chinese, my name and a butterfly. Ears pierced. I used to have my tongue pierced.

S p e c i f i c s
01. Do you do drugs?: Prescription meds only! ;)
02. What kind of shampoo do you use?: Garnier Fructis Long & Strong (something like that)
03. What are you most scared of?: Having a heart attack. Losing a loved one.
04. What are you listening to right now? The washing machine and fan
05. Where do you want to get married?: Disneyland!! Or Hawaii or some beach somewhere.
06. How many buddies are online right now?: I'm not on AOL/AIM.
07. What would you change about yourself?: My weight, get in shape faster, these damned panic attacks :(

F a v o r i t e s
01. Color: Silver, blue, black
02. Food: INDIAN FOOD! Palak paneer, chicken masala, mmm!
03. Subjects in school: English
04. Animals: Cats. And dogs now, too :)
05. Sports: HOCKEY (watching only please)
06. Perfume: Amor Amor
07. Cologne: -
08. Alcohol: I like blended drinks. Margaritas.

H a v e | Y o u | E v e r
01. Taken a bath with someone?: Yes.
02. Smoked? Yes.
03. Made yourself throw up?: Yes.
04. Skinny dipped?: :X
05: Been in love?: Yes.
06. Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: :X
07. Pictured a crush naked?: Uh huh.
08. Actually seen a crush naked? Yeah.
09. Cried when someone died?: Yes.
10. Lied?: Of course.
11. Fallen for your best friend?: Yes.
13. Been rejected?: Yes.
14. Rejected someone?: I'm sure.
15. Used someone?: I hope not.
16. Done something you regret?: Of course.
17. Crashed a car?: Yes.

C u r r e n t

Clothes: Black shorts and a blue/yellow t-shirt
music: "Crying" - Roy Orbison
Smell: Nothing really
Desktop picture: A pic I took in San Diego at Sea World

L a s t | P e r s o n
Hugged: Maybe my grandpa
You IMed: Margie

A r e | Y o u
Open minded: I try to be.
Interesting: Nope
Moody: I haven't been for awhile.
Hardworking: As far as work goes, yes. School, no.
Responsible: Not really.
Loyal: Extremely
Angry at the world: I'm REALLY trying to be optimistic.
Sad: -
Disappointed: Once in awhile.
Talkative: If I like my company :)

W h i c h | I s | B e t t er
Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi
Flowers or Candy: Flowers
Long or Short: Long

R a n d o m
In the morning I am: Out of it
All I need is: Happiness
Who makes you laugh the most: TV, heh


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