Amy Ann (nerdiness) wrote,
Amy Ann

Yes, I'm beyond ashamed to post these before pictures, but if I didn't, you might not believe me when I say that the little amount of work I did was extremely difficult. Do you know how long it took me to pull up all that stuff? In the process I dug right through my parents' sprinklers, learned how to use PVC glue (thanks to someone at work), got bug bites all over my arms and legs, and, in all, had a lot fun...


I got most of the plants from my work :D Lots of lantanas, daisies, garlic plants, lavendar and a wistaria vine (which is that tree-looking thing). I also bought some cosmos and other flowers at Osh.


Like I said, there's a lot more to do, but it's a start. It looks A LOT better than the before pix anyway, right?? Heh.


  • YAYAY!!

    My buddy is coming back to California!!! HEE! >:)

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    It's POURING!!! <3 for RAIN.

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