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I've been busy working on a new little project, and it's been consuming all of my time after work. I'll post pix/update about it when I'm done (which better be by Saturday afternoon, because I'm spending the day in San Diego on Sunday!). But here's an update I posted on on Tuesday...

I guess I should update! Things have just been kind of hectic lately. I obviously went to Phoenix for the weekend, and yesterday/today at work was crazy! The person I work for has a big event coming up (which he left for this evening), and I had to get everything together. It has actually been a lot of fun - I get to work with Photoshop, Illustrator, Publisher - Things I've always enjoyed. It's so great to be getting back into that. Love it. I designed some handouts (36 pages!) that took me forever, but everyone seemed to like them :)

Okay, Phoenix! Well, I had that plan to drive and take lots of pix, right? Well... As soon as my mom and I approached Ontario (and the Ontario International Airport) that all changed. We decided literally at the last minute to fly (thanks to Southwest's $99 fares and my Xanax/Lexapro prescriptions :X). It was my first trip post-9/11. When I was leaving the house and still didn't know we were flying, I grabbed my dad's laptop bag, since I was taking my iBook. Well, when we got to the airport and went through security, it was discovered that a lot of my dad's tools were in there!! I had no idea, the bag wasn't that heavy. Security confiscated all of it, and it was quite annoying. The flight wasn't so bad. Coming home, our luggage was lost, but we got it back in a little over an hour.

We got into Phoenix around 8:30 a.m., and the kind folks at the Residence Inn in Scottsdale let us check in super early. We got our rental car, and my mom and I just hung out. I went over to Dara and Dave's room at 1:00 p.m., and we hung out :) It was really nice to spend a lot of time with them! Gabbie is so gorgeous, as you know from her pix if you visit Dara's site :) I think I made it clear to Dara that she has the most beautiful eyes, hehe! Love ya, Dara!

Saturday night my mom and I went to a casino. Since it was in Arizona (and not Nevada), I thought it would be lame, but it was actually really nice! My mom and I played some games for a few hours before coming back to the room.

Dara and Dave came over to the Residence Inn for breakfast on Sunday. My mom was supposed to meet them, but she got shy. Weirdo mom of mine, heh. After they left, I went to the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix by myself (since my mom was still sleeping). It was so beautiful, for real. The time passed so quickly while I was there. I was sad to leave. I took a lot of pix, some of which are uploaded to my Flickr account.

I completely fell in love with Phoenix<3 over the weekend. I love Arizona period. I hope I get to live there one day. Either there or Seattle.

My mom and I are planning a trip back to Scottsdale in August :)

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