Amy Ann (nerdiness) wrote,
Amy Ann

I miss my long hair.

I miss Vegas, too. I'm going to Laughlin for the Fourth of July, whoo hoo.

I can't sleep, so I figure I'll just wait until it gets light out (5:30 a.m. or so) and go for a walk. I'm going to bring my camera so I can take some pix along the way. I'm so obsessed with Flickr, in case I haven't mentioned that :P


  • YAYAY!!

    My buddy is coming back to California!!! HEE! >:)

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    Where oh where did my little cell phone go? Oh where oh where could it be? :\ It's not in my backpack. Or my car. And it's been missing for two…

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    It's POURING!!! <3 for RAIN.

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