Amy Ann (nerdiness) wrote,
Amy Ann

Opps, I forgot that hiddensarah requested I do this

Total volume of music on my computer
Only 412.7 MB on my iBook.

The last CD I bought
I don't buy CDs, but one night when I was out with Margaret I picked up a Jesse McCarthy CD for God knows what reason.

Song playing
Bless the Broken Road (AI Finale) - Carrie Underwood + Rascal Flatts

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me

According to iTunes...
This Years Love - David Gray
Last Night I Dreamt that Somebody Loved Me - The Smiths
Midnight Train to Georgia - Gladys Knight & the Pips
I Wish I Wasn't - Heather Headley
Angels Brought Me Here (AI Finale) - Carrie Underwood


  • Charlie Brown

    A coworker brought her new puppy into work today. Isn't he cute? I want one!!

  • Bless this Trip

    I just got back from Laughlin with my gramps. My trip ended on a bit of a sad note. Sigh.

  • (no subject)

    My puppy dog, Malachi :)

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